Document Destruction For Your Company

  • Posted on: 22 September 2016
  • By: admin

Well-publicized data network breaches affecting large corporations have made information security a top priority for many businesses. Focusing only on the risks posed by cyber criminals, however, has left many companies vulnerable to other forms of data theft that often receive less publicity. Despite the move to paperless documents, most firms still record at least some of their information on paper forms. Additionally, many companies send and receive physical mail that contains sensitive information. Document shredding can help secure all your business’s information.

The move to digital records has not eliminated physical files used while conducting business. Look around your office and you will get a good idea of the wealth of information that sits on desks and resides in files. Black market information traffickers and your competitors would love to access all that information, and they can do it without performing dangerous intrusions into your data network. Your business security plan must include document destruction for your company to avoid physical material from entering the wrong hands.

Dumpster Divers

When your staff or cleaning crew collects the trash from your office, they probably bag it and toss it in the dumpster behind your building. Anyone wishing to learn the intimate details of your operation can make after-hours visits to that dumpster to retrieve your trash and look for useful information on paper as well as discarded digital media such as CDs and flash drives. Often, dumpsters contain a broad range of information about your company including payroll data and accounting reports. Private documents containing the names of customers and suppliers can also find their way into the trash.

Nosey Employees and Visitors

Curious employees might want to know what the executives huddled in the corner office were discussing. They kept the doors closed and their voices soft. Unfortunately, printed meeting agendas and notes will eventually reach the circular file, where employees can access them freely. Visiting customers and salespeople might want to learn more about your firm and browse through the trash as they pass through your office. If your data security policy does not require document shredding, you risk allowing all your company’s confidential information from becoming public knowledge.

Legal and Reputation Issues

Failure to secure your company’s physical information can result in identity theft affecting your customers. As a result, you could become financially liable for damages in ways that can severely harm your business. As word spreads about customers hurt by your careless handling of their information, your company might also suffer from a damaged reputation that will cause a long-term loss of business. Add to these threats the possibility that hostile people could use the information from your discarded disks and paperwork to steal money and trade secrets from your firm.

Protect your company by signing up for paper shredding services. Companies specializing in secure document destruction can advise you on the proper handling of internal paperwork and physical media and periodically visit your site to destroy discarded confidential information. Stop letting your trash jeopardize your business. Act now. To learn more, please visit the Shred-it website.