Understanding the Commonly Used Information Technology Terms in Canada

  • Posted on: 7 January 2017
  • By: admin

Information Technology is the commonly used term in the 21st century following the numerous advances in technology. IT Services involves the use of business and technical expertise in the creation, management, and accessibility of information and business processes in a company. IT consulting includes guiding and advising different businesses on how to use information technology in realizing the company's goals and objectives. Its Support, on the other hand, involves the provision of assistance to a company having problems associated with the technology related products such as digital video recorder, cell phones, computers or televisions.

IT Services

The various IT services provided by most experts in Canada include the software/system backups, system and network administration and design, programming of applications and databases. Other services include maintenance and provision of security to servers and computers, printer setup, website design and hosting as well as phone systems among others. Every IT guru should have knowledge and proficiency in Information Access, customer relations management, business process automation and productivity and performance tools. Most companies in Canada and across the globe are diverting their performance to the IT sector to reduce the cost incurred in hiring new workers.

IT Consulting

The IT consulting services in a company aim at providing the advisory and implementation of services in the industry. Additionally, IT consultants are involved in outsourcing for their clients, which involves estimations, management, implementation, and administration of IT systems. The primary disciplines of IT consulting include ERP services, Analysis of Data, Enterprise Architecture, Management of Software, Advisory, and Systems Integration. The IT consulting industry has continued to expand immensely from 2011 to date with an estimated worth of more than $48.2 billion. The IT consulting firms may perform their work globally as analytics, operate as independent companies, or work as local IT players that specialize in a particular market.

IT Support

Many technological based products come with a guide on how to use the item and include a number to use in case they need any help. The IT support team is responsible for answering the client's questions and giving directions on how to use a particular product. Experts provide IT support through the phone, emails, or interactive website. Some IT experts have their offices where they provide the in-person services to their clients.

Types of IT Support

The three types of IT support include managed services, time, and material and block hours

Managed services- the business in need of particular IT service seek this kind of support.
Time and material- here the clients pay for the services depending on the amount of time taken to fix the problem.
Block hours- the clients pay discounted amount of money for the hours that they are planning to use the services for an extended period, for example, a year or month