Microsoft Office 2010: Why Small Businesses Need Access and PowerPoint

  • Posted on: 4 September 2016
  • By: admin

If you're a small business looking for software that can benefit your business, you should consider Microsoft Office 2010. While there are newer programs, budget constraints for a new, small business or entrepreneur could mean finding creative solutions. Aside from Word and Excel that everyone knows about, there are other programs that come with Microsoft Office 2010 that make it a worthwhile investment.

At its most basic level, Access can be used to create simple databases that help the business automate its processes. It'll collect data for business applications and allow the business owner to create macros.

The simplest use for Access is to store information to be used in tables. The database can be sorted and linked to other reference tables within a document itself or other tables in Access.

After information is added to databases, you want to have the ability to retrieve that data based on a set of criteria. This is where Access is incredibly powerful. You can view and summarize data with the use of queries, which will give you information about clients as well as the business itself.

Share Reports
When you want to share a report with someone who doesn't have Access, you can export it as a different kind of file. Excel, HTML or PDF are great formats for sharing with others. You can also save those export steps if you share with other people often.

Whether you're creating a presentation for potential investors or using it for training new employees, PowerPoint is great for a variety of tasks needed in small business.

Points of Data
One of the best parts of PowerPoint is the ability to create bullet lists and slides and slides of information. There are endless ways in which you can format the information provided in those slides. You can add graphics as well as branded logos to the presentations.

You can use PowerPoint for presentations as well as form creation. Instead of creating a new form for each client, templates allow your business to save time and money. Your employees won't waste their energy or time creating the same invoices or brochures continuously.

While you might be thinking that PowerPoint will be great for your next presentation in front of a room full of people, it can be used in other create ways too. Instead of a live presentation, it can be used for live webinars, emailed to clients and added to websites.

Access and PowerPoint make Microsoft Office 2010 a great application for small business owners. It's an asset that will help the business run smoothly.